Newsletter October 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Beecroft pupils speak very proudly of every part of Beecroft Primary School. As a National Support School and a National Leader of Education Head teacher, we often have visits.

This week, trainee teachers visited our school and this is what our pupils had to say about their learning experience.

  • “I love being able to play a musical instrument – all children in years 3-6 can choose between violin, flute, recorder, djembe, and ukulele. We do music medals in copper, silver and gold – and we don’t have to pay.” (Our school budget pays for the medals and teaching.) Instruments are partly funded by funds raised through our ‘Friends at Beecroft’ – a money raising parent group in school.
  • “I love residentials. We have one in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. Year 6 have gone to Castleton this week.” (Money raised through school fairs subsidises trips.)
  • “I love all the playground equipment.” (All children from reception to Year 6.)
  • “I love D&T (Design Technology) and making things.” (Our school has made a purpose built room in the new build. We have bought state of the art equipment like laser cutters.
  • “I love all of the extra-curricular clubs like football, rugby, art, choir, drama and games.” (We have funded £11,000 of sports partnerships for our school budget this year – Teachers run clubs for free and every teacher, including the Head Teacher, runs a club of their choice. Most schools now charge for clubs.)
  • “I love our building – It is bright and beautiful!”
  • What is your parent view? Please go to ‘Parent View – Ofsted’ (link on our website) to do the short survey online.

Dates for your diary

12th October 2018 – Coffee Morning and Play & Stay Reception. (9am)

19th October 2018 – Musical Harvest Festival

24th October 2018 – Consultation Evening 3-6pm(Y6 will be separate from 9am-3pm)

26th October 2018 – Wellbeing Day

15th November 2018– Open Evening (6-7:30pm)

16th November 2018 – Open Morning (9:15-11am)

11th December 2018 – Christmas Concert (pm)

12th December 2018 – Christmas Concert (6pm)

21st December 2018 – KS1 Nativity/Christmas Lunch and parties (pm)

If you have any suggestions or things you would like to discuss with me, then please make an appointment.

Yours sincerely,



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