October 2018 – Well-Being Newsletter



October 2018

Dear Parents,

Our well-being day is on Friday 26th of October. A full day has been planned and our well-being governors are contributing to the activites on the day.

The Day Includes: – yoga, running, gardening, MindMate, baking and healthy bodies – just to name a few…

Children will be discussing physical and emotional well-being and the positive impact a healthy lifestyle can have.

Worry Box: Each class has a worry box – things to discuss if we are worried.

Suggestion Box: Led by the school council on how we can improve our school. School council have a friendship stop in the playground for those who may feel left out.

MindMate: The MindMate lessons are self-contained lessons, joining together to form a social, emotional and mental health curriculum. There are 6 themes taught in the order below.

  • Feeling Good and Being Me
  • Friends and family
  • Life Changes
  • Strong Emotions
  • Being The Same and being Different
  • Solving Problems and Making it Better

Your child will tell you what they are doing in class.

The Daily Mile: The benefits of the Daily Mile are summed up in the Five F’s –Fitness, fresh air, friends, fun and focus. Taking part is fun and builds confidence and resilience, all classes are taking part in this.

What if you have a concern about your child? Mindmate is a proactive mental health curriculum If you have a concern about your child and think that they need more than this then they may need individual targetted support.  Please make an appointment with myself and Miss Brown. No problem is too small and there are times when children show signs of anger, stress, upset. At times, anyone may need additional support to maintain or develop good mental health.

Yours sincerely,



Head teacher

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